Made with reliable “Japan Quality”
that has succeeded in the pursuit of the highest quality

Our products have become widely known to many buyers and auto detailers worldwide, and are loved for their superiority and innovation, high quality, and state-of-the-art technology. As a result, our flagship glass coating brand “Zen-Xero® Series” and our paint protection brand “UNIGLOBE®”, as well as many other products, have a reputation for being of high value. In the future, through our unique expertise and development skills, we will make our sophisticated technique called “Japan Quality” available to more people worldwide.

Zen-Xero ®

Zen-Xero® is a series of professional-use coating products that focus on coating performance giving the greatest finish together with the detailers’ skills even among assorted coating agents.


UNIGLOBE® started as a supplier of window films for professional use. Today, we also offer paint protection films by capitalizing on the experiences and skills that we have gained.

TRYPAD Honeycomb Layer

The patented honeycomb structure (patent no. 5899335) traps and removes contaminants efficiently and quickly from various directions.


KATANA is an abrasive compound series that focuses on cost performance and workability. It has been introduced globally, including in Asia and Europe, and is valued greatly as a high-quality product of “Japan Quality”.


SUPER PM series is a long-time No.1 selling product supported by the largest numbers of detailers. It was created on the basis of the products that have been very popular among detailers for more than 30 years.


We base our product development on the feedback from auto detailers. We will continue to offer a variety of products without compromising on the materials or the results by synchronizing products and technological information both in Japan and around the world.