The roots of FE TRADE CO., LTD
is “On-Site”

The auto detailing business of maintaining cars beautiful is said to have originated in the US before spreading to Japan more than 40 years ago. At the time, there were few satisfactory auto detailing tools or chemicals on the market; thus we have developed the Japanese technique of detailing with originality and ingenuity by using limited kinds of products.

We realized the necessity for higher-quality products, as well as for a variety of new products, from our experience of working at the car detailing outlet.. We then decided to transform ourselves from a user to a supplier and aimed for the development of the auto detailing business in Japan. We adopted an unconventional variety of distribution methods, starting with the supply of a few product lines while taking care of the delivery of reliable information and products in Japan. We are not merely selling the products obtained from the market but also supplying products that improve the quality of finish, thereby ensuring the satisfaction of our users.

The roots of FE TRADE CO., LTD. is “On-Site.”

We have succeeded by a repeated process of relying on the unique finely-honed sense of auto detailing gained through our on-site experience. Furthermore, we have developed and supplied products based on the feedback from many professional detailers. These successes have led us to continue developing new products in response to the demands of our customers and our on-site experiences, resulting in the production of many fine products.

However, our goal is not only to expand the existing product line but also to supply a number of low-priced, “appealing” products. We hope the users will acknowledge the value of each of our products and purchase them with satisfaction. To accomplish this goal, we must meet the “on-site” demands of the end users and supply products that satisfy their needs without compromise.

Thanks to the development of media, the Internet has become a mainstream alternative to paper-based catalogs, making it easier to collect information; however, more accurate and specific information is required. Moreover, the needs of the installers and end users continue to change on a daily basis. We, as a member of the auto detailing industry, will keep supplying the appealing products that fit with the times for the sound development of the market.

Koichi Shimizu