We, F.E. TRADE CO.,LTD receives and stores any information our customer enters on our website for receiving our services.
We comply with the personal information protection law and handle the information in an appropriate way.

1.How we collect your personal data

We store information in an appropriate manner and protect the information from misuse.

2.Use of Personal Information

We make use of your personal data to fulfill the goals stated below. If we are to make use of your personal data for any other purposes, we will ask for your permission before use.

(1)To respond to your inquiries or requests and to send you information materials.

(2)To provide you seminar information, and products or services information.

3.How we protect your personal information

We take necessary and appropriate measures to prevent your personal data from theft or any losses or leaking of data to others.

4.Consignment of collected personal information

We may consign a part or your whole personal date to selected third parties which we have investigated carefully and we supervise the third parties so that your personal data will be stored safely.

5.Consigning personal data with third parties

We do not share your personal data with third parties without your consent, unless otherwise specified by law or regulations related to personal information protect law.

6.Disclosure and correction of your personal data

We disclose your personal data to you when demanded only if your customer identity is confirmed.
We will correct, add or delete your personal data when demanded only if your customer identity is confirmed.

If you have any claims or queries about our treatment of your personal data, please contact us from【Inquiry Form】below.

【Inquiry Form】
Inquiry Form:http://www.fe−

7.Changes to our private policy

Changes to our private policy may occur.
The change in policy will be effective from the point of time when the changes have been posted on our website, unless we set one separately.