The roots of FE TRADE CO., LTD
is “On-Site”

The auto detailing business of keeping cars beautiful is said to be originated from the U.S., and it is more than 40 years ago that it spread into Japan. At that time, there were few satisfactory auto detailing tools or chemicals in the market, so we have developed the Japanese style of the detailing technique with originality and ingenuity by using the limited kind of products.

We realized the necessity of the higher quality and the variety products by putting ourselves in such a circumstance at that time. Then, we decided to transform from a user to a supplier, and aimed for the development of the auto detailing business in Japan. By adopting the unconventional various distribution methods, we started with supplying a few product lineups while giving a consideration to the delivery of consistent information and products everywhere in Japan. We are not only selling the products gathered from the market but supplying the products to make the quality finish much improved and being satisfied from the users’ point of view.

Exactly. The roots of FE TRADE CO., LTD is “On-Site”.

Relying on the unique finely honed sense of the auto detailing only gained through the experience on-site, we have succeeded by repeating the hypothesis and verification. Furthermore, we have developed and supplied products based on the feedback from a lot of professional detailers. These successions led us to continue developing the new products according to the customers’ demands or on-site experiences, and we have come to handle a lot of products to date.

However, our goal is not supplying a number of or low price products but “the appealing products”. We hope the users acknowledge the value of our products one by one and purchase them with satisfaction. To accomplish the purpose, all we can do is meeting the “on-site” demands and products that satisfy the end users uncompromisingly.

Thanks to the development of media, the internet has become a mainstream alternative to paper-based catalogs to collect information. It is easier to get information; however, at the same time, more accurate and deeper information is required. Moreover, the needs of the installers and end users continue to change accordingly. We, as a member of the auto detailing, will keep supplying the appealing products that fit with the time for the sound development of the market.

Takanobu Sato